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Mount Elbert: Highest Mountain in Colorado

Mount Elbert is the highest mountain in Colorado and the second highest in the contiguous US. This spectacular peak with an amazing terrain to the summit, which allows many people who are physically prepared to enjoy it, is a desirable place for many climbers and nature lovers.

Mount Elbert rises in the Sawatch Range of the Colorado Rockies. It’s named after Samuel Elbert who was the governor of Colorado in 1873. The closest large town is Leadville that is about 16 miles northeast. There are five main routes to the summit with two of them being the most renowned. They are the South Mt. Elbert Trail and the North Mt. Elbert Trail. These paths are very crowded and busy during summertime and attract numerous climbers and hikers of different taste. Note that even the easiest way to the mountain is not so easy. You need to be well-prepared both physically and mentally. It will be ideal if you climb Mt. Elbert early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and to avoid dangerous storms, which usually occur in the afternoon.

The North Mt. Elbert is located a short distance from Halfmoon Campground and you have to drive several miles from Leadville to get there. The June to September period is the best time to climb the mountain. Mt. Elbert is also climbed in winter but it’s for more professional climbers and those who like snowboarding or winter sports, because this destination is very famous for its winter sport activities. It will take you six to eight hours in summer to climb Elbert.

Three words that can fully describe your Mt. Elbert experience are nature, love and breathtaking feelings. If you want to take advantage of these three, then climbing this mountain is but a must for you.

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