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Rakaposhi: The Jewel of Pakistan

While we fight over miles and draw lines, there is one simple truth that can’t be ignored. Nature doesn’t know any borders. The best natural scenes can come up in places you’d least expect them. This time we are to talk about a mountain located in Pakistan.

The mountain is called Rakaposhi (7010m). Some would think of excluding this option taking Pakistan as one of the most dangerous countries, but a mere sight of this beauty will definitely change your mind.

Photo by NotMicroButSoft (Winter Survival – Keran Top Exped

Interestingly, Pakistan happens to be one of the most popular destinations for climbers. There are three famous mountain ranges (the Himalayas, the Karakoram, and the Hindu Kush) and many tall mountains. If you want the facts in numbers, 13 out of 30 highest mountains are right here in Pakistan.

The mountain is a part of the Rakaposhi-Haramosh range. More specifically, Rakaposhi is located in Hunza valley and is not the only climbing destination here.

As the majority of Asian mountains, this one also has a meaning in the local language. Rakaposhi means “Shining Wall” in Burushaski. A glance is enough to understand the name. It’s absolutely white, pure white, and the afternoon sun makes it look like the whole mountain is shining. I think the wall-part is clear to everyone. It’s so enormous you will have to pass a few dangers to get to the other side of the wall. I wouldn’t say that Rakaposhi is one of the most deadly mountains, but special preparations in regard of the right outfit and security training is essential.

Moreover, you will consider the climb from the Western and Northern sides very easy. The only problem is the timing. The mountain is very long, which means you will have to set up a tent and take care of food. I hope your overnight stays won’t give the spider-feeling, because it’s better to walk longer than risk your life. Life-risking can easily be done from the Southern and Eastern parts of the mountain. Avalanches like surprises and might choose you as their target.

Photo by Scott Christian

Rakaposhi has a share of exclusivity as well. It’s the only mountain in the whole world that has a constant 6000 meters drop. The ranking is the 27th in the world, which is not a bad position at all. The position is so good you have to take the mountain very seriously, just like you would in case of Everest.

The mountain was first climbed in 1958. The British-Pakistani expedition managed to conquer the giant after 6 expeditions failed before them. The main reasons of failures were the unexpected blizzards and snowfalls.

The surrounding nature is almost heavenly. The hills risen around Rakaposhi are dark brown, while Rakaposhi stands high in between them, like a Snow Queen. If there are any photographers in your group, ask them to capture the contrast.

If you’ve been a beginner for a while, Rakaposhi is a great choice for stepping up for one more level.

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